What is Occupational Therapy

Occupations are anything we do with our time. These can be things we do everyday like getting dressed in the morning, preparing and eating meals, making time for physical activity, and winding down at the end of the day. Occupations also include special occasions like seasonal traditions or weddings and times of growth and reflection. Occupational therapists believe that what we do everyday affects our health and happiness.

Occupational therapists serve the community by helping adults, families and kids to do the things that matter to them to increase their health and happiness.

Build skills in the following areas:

  • regulation (senses and emotions and comfort and energy levels)
  • executive functioning (juggling thinking, feeling and doing)
  • fine and gross motor (movement)
  • resilience building (exploring and doing what we need to be ready to bounce back when we face hard times)

Fun, motivating activities that matter are used to build skills and reach goals:

  • building confidence and motor skills hiking, walking, biking, swimming
  • manage overwhelming sensory information like the bright sun and hot sand so you can spend the day at the beach
  • fort building to learn to manage frustration, adapt to the elements and work as a team
  • using strategies to manage your energy or pain in order to cook your favourite meal again
  • mange expectations and challenging behaviours to have fun at the park with the whole family
  • making friends with interest-based opportunities to meet people who care about the same things, not people who have the same social scripts
  • painting to recharge and practice going with the flow

Why does this matter?

Change your lifestyle with tools and strategies that work without you having to think about them. Every change takes time, effort and dedication. The goal is to change your lifestyle, not create another list of to-dos and exercises that adds stress to your day. Get empowered to do what you like in order to heal, grow and enjoy your life.