The Team

Our team is growing! If you are interested in volunteering or joining the team please schedule a call, picnic, hike, swim, or ride to make space to connect.

Jen Taubensee

Occupational Therapist and Owner

Jen is inspired by the love dedication, expertise and resilience of individuals, families and communities facing obstacles. She believes that when engaging in meaningful activities (occupations) we find presence, acceptance and growth, as well as the opportunity to build skills and connect with others. She collaborates with individuals and families setting just right challenges to reach goals and achieve dreams.

Hobbies: In her free time Jen likes to mountain bike, open water swim, cook, podcast, read, and makes time to play outside.

Connect: [email protected]

Nicola Schaan

Occupational Therapist

Nicola believes in empowering families through building relationships, education, and advocacy. She uses an approach of making small intentional changes to work towards goals that are sustainable. Nicola finds providing opportunities for others to learn or experience something new one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of her job. We’ve been creative in our sessions in how to make that happen – we’ve done sessions on the playground, at the pool, at the grocery store, playing games virtually, and more! She is resourceful and works with families to identify meaningful activities to integrate tools and strategies for success in everyday life.

Hobbies: In her spare time Nicola likes to hike, rock climb, garden, play board games, and enjoy live music

Connect: [email protected]

Siri Marken

Occupational Therapist and Educator

Siri loves the waves of life- they bring us up, and down, and it can be a bit of a roller coaster at times.  Siri believes that through learning, science, experience, and some help and support from others we can learn how to ride the waves of life. Siri loves to use a wide range of evidence-based tools to work through challenges and help others to help themselves. 

She has worked as an OT across Canada in a wide range of areas. She is a college educator, owner of the North American School of Yoga Science, is trained in Sensory-Enhanced yoga, an E-RYT 500 yoga teacher, a certified Yoga Wellness Educator, a certified Zentangle teacher, and a hot stones therapist. She loves to learn and is always taking trainings and courses. 

Hobbies: anything in the great outdoors, gardening, creating, cooking, reading, and being with friends and family. 

Connect: [email protected]