Our Values

Breaking Trail's Values
- Strengths Driven
- Family Centered
- Occupation Focused
- Community Building

Strengths Driven

  • We build therapy plans based on our member’s interests
  • We focus on celebrations and wins
  • We communicate to parents the things that are going well, not just the challenge areas
  • We celebrate the strengths of the family, not just the individual
  • We use our own strengths as therapists in our sessions

Family Centered

  • We recognize that our members do not exist in isolation, but within a family unit
  • We believe that belonging matters
  • We acknowledge there are many different family structures and different ways that different family members provide and need support
  • We work with your family’s bigger teams or systems like schools, other therapists, sports, or programs they are involved with
  • We strive to create interventions, strategies, and plans that work for the whole family and their unique lifestyle

Occupation Focused

  • We create sessions that take place in the real world, not in an artificial clinic environment- this means there we can skip generalization steps
  • We believe that engaging in meaningful occupation empowers individuals
  • We use occupations as the means (the therapy itself) and the ends (the goals we are working towards)
  • We use occupations because they provide therapeutic value in the session AND once learned and experienced families can participate in those occupations on their own outside of sessions

Community Building

  • We strive to create change that is bigger than the success in our OT sessions- we support our members to feel confident and comfortable in their communities on an individual level
  • We empower community partners to create inclusive spaces through education, collaboration, creating relationships
  • We partner with a variety of community organizations- if you are a community organization and are interested in working with us feel free to reach out and connect