How Breaking Trail OT Works

Adults, children, families and community organizations like schools, group programs, and daycares team up with Breaking Trail OT to create their own path to success, whatever that means to them. If every obstacle was easy to overcome and had a clear path to success Breaking Trail OT wouldn’t exist. We are here for when you face obstacles. Obstacles are the complexities and adventures of real life. To navigate these obstacles we create a trail that fits you as you are now and that will lead you where you want to go.

Step 1: find out where you are at

By helping us understand your journey we can locate where you are in your life. Every obstacle (including but not limited to injuries, mental health challenges, a new diagnosis, life circumstances, or inclusion challenges) is unique and that matters. Understanding how this obstacle affects and challenges you is essential in creating a new trail. Your journey to here matters!

Step 2: figure out where you want to go

Making a new path is hard work. We put in the work early to make sure your trail is connecting things that matter to you! Your OT can use tools like coaching or motivational interviewing to explore and figure out what matters the most to you and where we should get started to make the most effective change. This step usually contains goal setting and planning for what services can look like.

Step 3: use the right tools

Curated using research based strategies, personal strengths, and occupation-based adventures we explore what works for an individual, family, organization, or community group. The goal is to have a combination of strategies and tools in a toolbox that can be used now and in the future while making lifestyle changes that let you navigate your trail with ease

Step 4: maintenance

You have put the work in to create your trail, now it’s time to pause and take in the view. Is this actually where you want to be?

If we got it right this time- Hooray! Our last step is to make a system where you can keep your path clear and connected to what matters to you.

If not, we return to step 1, 2, or 3 with new experiences and information to reshape or adjust your trail. This is part of a journey and it sometimes takes a few cycles to build the right trail. This is worth the effort because when your trail is leading you where you truly want to be it is empowering and that’s worth celebrating!

Every Path is Unique

To best serve you, we offer a variety of services. Below are some of our popular frequency and visit formats. Occupational Therapy is meant to fit your needs, so if what you want isn’t currently offered email us to set up a Meet and Greet with Jen to see how Breaking Trail OT can support your vision!

  • Individualized OT Sessions

Sessions are one-to-one with your OT. We explore activities and goals together. We meet at your home or in the community. These are regularly scheduled sessions over a longer period of time.

  • Collaborations/Consults

We help you and your team identify strengths, tools, and strategies to help you do the things that matter. These are a small cluster of sessions to begin building a foundation or adding on to where you are now.

  • Groups

Connect and learn with peers. Our small groups focus on specific interests, skills, or passions.

  • Caregiver Resiliency Sessions

Sessions are one-to-one with our resiliency specialist OT. We explore hands on activities that work for you to build resilience, reframe, and promote your own wellbeing within the family unit. We know how much caregivers give, this is a way to give back to yourself.

  • Education and Professional Development

Connect with us today to learn more about our education/professional development experience and our customizable menu to fit the needs of your team.