Groups are a great way to gain confidence and skills while connecting with others. Groups will be offered for specific ages, populations, or for the whole family. A schedule for groups is currently underway. Please connect with us if you have any ideas that you would like to see happen.

COVID-19 precautions will be outlined for each group to promote the safety and health of participants, volunteers, and staff.

Trails in the Making

Introduction to Hiking for Autistic Young Adults Learn how to hike, choose trails, and start planning hikes with others.

Restorative Outdoor Activities for Adults with Chronic Illness or Pain. Activities may include forest bathing, nature art, painting, and breathing exercises.

Fort Building A group for 10-14 year olds looking to build problem solving skills, connect with others, and manage frustration while playing in a local forest.

Have an Idea for a Group?

Language Note:

Breaking Trail OT uses the language “autistic kid” or “autistic adult” because the vast majority of autistic adults prefer to be called “autistic.” This identify-first language is used because we understand autism as an inherent part of an individual’s identity. The most important voice is yours. Your preference is always respected, so please let us know if you are more comfortable using person first language like “a student who has autism”. If you’d like to learn more about identity-first language or would like to share your ideas on language please connect with us. (Future blog post on identify-first language to come)