Breaking Trail OT Logo and Values

Breaking Trail OT was founded to help families create their own path. We are a strengths driven, occupation focused practice that collaborates with children, youth, their families. We also work with community groups like schools, daycares, nonprofits. For more on our values click here.

We go to members’ homes and into the community to explore ‘real life’ occupations (what are occupations?) to learn more about our members strengths, interests, sensory preferences, and learning styles. Once we get to know our members and their strengths we can use new or adapted occupations, tools,  and strategies to help them make and reach goals that make a difference in their life.

Jen sharing a bit about BTOT’s approach to strengths driven and child and family centred practice

At Breaking Trail OT we know individuals and families are strong, resilient, and unique. Breaking Trail OT supports individuals and families to make meaningful changes, overcome obstacles, find success or have more fun in their everyday.

At Breaking Trail OT individuals and families create a path, or network of paths, that works uniquely for them to achieve their goals. We use the power of occupations and curated research to reframe current challenges as their next adventure. Every person or family’s path is different, so every group or private OT session will look different.

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